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Share your dating moments quickly and privately with trusted friends on an app that protects users privacy.

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Relationships are personal. 2,483 friends... not so much.

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Privacy is really important.

  • No random followers

    We don't identify users of the app publicly so nobody except the people you tell will know you are using the app. You can invite friends to follow your dating life, but you can't solicit friends to follow theirs.

  • Your comments are anonymous

    Comments by the trusted friends that you invited will be anonymous within the app.

So what does it do?

Organize your sex and love life to quickly share your dating stories

  • Anonymous commenting

    Anonymously give and get feedback.

  • Choose your audience

    Quickly share dating experiences in a private group inner circle - your most trusted friends. All Friends - people you do things with in real life. Inspire - share inspiring moments anonymously with any user of the app.

  • Ask for advice

    Include polls, locations, and images in your posts to get the best response.

  • Be a better dater

    Organize your sex and love life. Anonymously give and get feedback. Inspire better dating, go on dates, have more fun...repeat, repeat, repeat.

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Together, we can become better daters.

No more guessing games. With WhoNow, take a step towards becoming a better dater.